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I purchased a pair of frames from Just Eyewear online.They are cheaply made and not the color stated.

They claim on their web-site advertising a 30 day Guaranty of a no hassle return policy. They lied. I have tired to call them but they will not list their phone number.If you have a complaint or want to contact them you have to do so by email. I have emailed them four times but no answer, surprise, surprise.

So BEWARE and do not order from them!

Their product sucks and their customer service is even WORSE!!!!!BEWARE!They SUCK.



Ordered glasses and had to return them because prescription was wrong.That's when things got sketchy.

More than a month passed after glasses were returned and email-only communication was getting me no where. Claimed they didn't have them. I had to get my bank involved and within 24 hours I had a refund.

I would not order from them again.Too bad.


I purchased glasses and discovered they were much smaller than required.I emailed once and received a reply, but numerous emails and attempted phone calls later (never actually talked to a person; apparently their phone is for voicemail only), never received another response.

BBB attempted three times over a year's period, but also never received received response.

Their current rating: F.Would not recommend.


I just ordered a pair of glasses from Just Eyewear, they took alittle longer than I thought to get to me but they were just what I ordered. the glasses were good quality, I also was worried about not seeing a phone number on the site, but It turned out well,no complaints here!

Winter Garden, Florida, United States #419964

so I ordered glasses and I noticed that the status kept changing from IN PROCESS to ON HOLD.I contacted them and they informed me of difficulties with "upgrading their system" and had no time frame when I would get my glasses.

How can you not have a time frame for completion.

On top of that my refund (which I am still waiting on) will take another to get back.Long story short, stick with local stores because this place is a joke


Did they ever give the refund?

SUPER FISHY and the website sucks, I swear it changed the price of frames after I looked at them a few times and, regardless of whether or not that is true or just my confusion, the navigation and search functions were just awful!

SO glad I searched for complaints before going through with it. :x

Please update if things turned out ok. The prices are pretty much too good to be true.


Same complaint - only email. I ordered glasses AND returned them in accordance with their instructions. Still waiting for the refund...


I'm sorry you've had trouble reaching us!We've been closed for Thanksgiving - we'll be happy to provide a full refund or exchange, whatever you prefer.

Please email support@justeyewear.com and we'll take care of it right away.Also, starting in December 2011 we will have phone support in addition to our live chat and email support via an 800 number on our website.

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